Jewelry I

Jewelry II

Class A Teacher: Emilie Cohen

8 Wednesdays Sept. 13th/ 7 - 10 pm. 

 Tuition $315

Class B Teacher: Mike Pundy 

8 Mondays Sept. 11th / 12-3 pm.  

Tuition $315 

Learn the basic skills needed to begin designing and fabricating materials own handmade jewelry! No previous experience necessary.  Techniques for sawing, piercing, soldering, and polishing silver will be introduced.  You will complete at least one project, which will include learning how to bezel set a stone.  Your final piece will be of jewelry store quality that you can wear or give with pride! Please bring a $30 materials fee and a one time $20 lab fee to the first class.



Continue to build on the skills you learned in Jewelry I.  Many new forming techniques will be taught, including use of a hydraulic press, fold-forming, and more advanced constructing.  Students will work at their own pace, exploring ever-more advanced techniques.  The instructors will guide and encourage students as they find their own "voice" as jewelry designers.  Please bring a $20 materials fee and a one-time $20 lab fee to the first class.  Open studio time is included in tuition.  

Class C Teacher: Emilie Cohen 

8 Mondays beginning Sept. 11th - 7 - 10 pm. Tuition $315

Class D Teacher: Michael Pundy 

8 Tuesdays beginning Sept. 12th / 12 - 3 pm.  Tuition $315

Class E Teacher: Emilie Cohen 

8 Thursdays beginning Sept. 14th / 7 - 10 pm.  Tuition $315 

Class F Teacher: Michael Pundy 

8 Thursdays beginning Sept. 14th / 12 - 3 pm.  Tuition $315


Fold Forming with Emilie Cohen Tuition: $95

Saturday, Jul.22nd / 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

$25 per session,  (free for current jewelry II students)

Open Studio 


Open studio time will now be available from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on selected Saturdays or Sundays.  The studio will be monitored, but no instructin will be given.  Prerequisite: Completion of a Jewelry II class at C.S.J.A.   

Fold Forming is a technique using hammers, mallets, fingers, hands, anvils and rolling mills to create high relie's from single sheets of metal. 

You will discover the plasticity of metal, and open new doors to metal forming techniqus which rapidly effects changes in the form and surface of the metal.  

Materials fee for copper will be $10